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Before our coffee rendezvous at either our locale or yours, acquaint yourself with us here.

Eran Peretz

Co-founder and CEO

Meet Eran Peretz, our Co-founder and CEO, renowned for his expertise in steering hotel enterprises with a keen focus on the business-technological landscape. A master strategist, Eran meticulously aligns his plans with overarching business objectives, drawing from years of invaluable experience managing information systems for Israel’s leading hotel chains. But that’s not all—Eran extends his consultancy services to guide the development and establishment of hotels and chains worldwide, while also nurturing startup ventures within the Travel Tech realm. With an innate ability to tailor products to local markets and pioneer advanced hotel concepts, Eran is the individual you definitely want to connect with.

Tal Faibish

Co-founder and CTO

Meet Tal Faibish, our Co-founder and CTO, a seasoned expert in technology, system characterization, and interface development. With extensive expertise in cloud-based systems, Tal assumes the role of System Senior, overseeing all server and storage systems, and ensuring the robust management of infrastructure and information security for our esteemed clientele. Beyond these responsibilities, Tal spearheads the management of information systems for various tourism and hospitality organizations both domestically and internationally, while also leading development and IT teams. Rest assured, Tal holds a treasure trove of innovative solutions waiting to be unveiled—promising surprises that will elevate your technological landscape.

Nimrod Faibish


Introducing Nimrod Faibish, our Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and also responsible for Human Resources management. Nimrod oversees our most valuable asset, the exceptional team of professionals at Hoteliers, ensuring their continued excellence. Additionally, he manages the company’s financial transactions and acquisitions. With over a decade of experience and a deep understanding of the Hotels & Hospitality sector, Nimrod has held key managerial positions within the industry, demonstrating his extensive knowledge and insight.

Anna Faibish


Introducing Anna Faibish, our Chief Digital Officer (CDO) and Digital Manager extraordinaire. Anna possesses a unique talent for transforming dated hotel websites into stunning, visually captivating platforms that ignite the desire for a dream vacation. With a deep understanding of website characterization and development, Anna leverages her extensive expertise in a wide array of technological tools and platforms to seamlessly transition analog and traditional businesses into modern, digitalized entities. Beyond website design, Anna oversees multiple digital channels responsible for delivering your hotel’s content and orchestrates the digital design and operation of various digital assets. When it comes to crafting a new website for your hotel with an emphasis on organic SEO, Anna is your ultimate destination!

Efi Baruch

Social Media & Sponsored Campaigns Manager

Meet Efi Baruch, our Social Media & Sponsored Campaigns Manager, whose passion for hotels and hospitality is palpable in every aspect of his work. With a deep-seated enthusiasm for digital marketing, Efi stays ahead of the curve, effortlessly navigating the ever-evolving landscape of social media platforms. He spearheads all social media marketing endeavors for hotels and chains globally, leveraging his vast experience and profound understanding to craft compelling marketing and branding content. Efi specializes in producing strategic campaigns that drive action and yield tangible results through targeted and converting approaches. Looking to boost occupancy with a captivating campaign? Efi is your go-to strategist.

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