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Cloud computing has transformed many businesses around the world, regardless of their industry. Global demands have rallied and cloud computing offers just that – all that you need is an internet connection and good bandwidth.

Businesses no longer have to invest efforts in storing data in traditional servers; instead, they can choose a cloud service to store their data at secured data centers.

Considering the hospitality industry, cloud computing has done wonders here too – it redesigned the industry’s structure. The hospitality industry, which formerly controlled the rich international chains, is now growing, all thanks to this requested technology.

Hoteliers, together with Google Cloud Platform, established a technological business model that meetings the hotel needs required for operating hotel systems.

Not only the large hotel chains, but now small and independent hotels can utilize strong management tools. There are several advantages to using clouds and they have helped hotels around the world enhance their business – starting with increased efficiency and ending with reduced management costs.

Furthermore, cloud based services are currently replacing the outdated and traditional systems at all levels. Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Software as a Service (Saas) and Platform as a Service (PaaS) have become the first cloud computing choice for many businesses in the field of hospitality, all providing the amazing advantages of cloud computing.

Therefore, let’s look into some of the major advantages presented by Hoteliers cloud computing and clarify some doubts for adopting the technology.

Using Hoteliers, hotel operators can cut back on huge business costs using cloud computing.

There are many advantages to cloud based services and it is the first thing you should implement in your hotel. Why? Because it will help you significantly reduce costs.

By using cloud computing, as a hotel operator, you pay only for what you demand. It specifies your costs in advance and keeps them low because you pay only for the computing power and cloud storage that your hotel really needs.

In the hospitality industry, cloud computing is a combination of Saas, PaaS and IaaS. It operates according to the usage model.

In addition Hoteliers’ cloud computing can benefit hotel operators by reducing energy, hardware and operational costs. Your need for overloading the hotel’s hardware declines, greatly reducing your electricity bills. Cloud computing also shortens project timetables and, as such, cuts back on costs and guarantees greater productivity. As such, if you transfer your software services to a cloud, your hotel business will list a large number of opportunities.

Cloud computing leads to improved guest experiences

The two main objectives of efficient and effective hotel PMS are:

Providing the hotel staff with the best set of managerial tools

Helping you guarantee a cutting edge guest experience

This is where cloud computing comes in. Another advantage of cloud computing is that it frees your team from the terminals and they are able to work more independently and efficiently.

Cloud operations mean that you can check in to hotels via smartphones and tablets, not only at the hotel’s reception desk. And that’s not all, further advantages include the increased speed at which the guests access the products and services, thus creating a seamless hotel experience.

Direct reservations through cloud computing

Hotels used to pay giant commissions for reservations made through online and offline travel agencies. But now, with the growing tendency to use cloud computing in the hospitality industry, they no longer have to relay only on travel agents.

Hotels can upgrade their websites through cloud operated services, such as a chain reservations engine that can be integrated within the hotel PMS. In addition, one of the main advantages is real time updates – it streamlines and reduces the process cost and saves a lot of time. Now, hotel operators can focus more on aspects that will improve the guest experience and increase asset revenues.

Cloud computing enables remote operation

When you, as a hotel operator, are not at the property, it is a bit more difficult to manage the operations. However, when you shift to cloud management, you have the flexibility of working from any location around the world – all you need is a stable internet connection and smart device (laptop or computer, mobile phone or tablet). Gone are the days when you had to be worried about server downtime and your absence from the property.

Hoteliers is Israel’s largest cloud computing company, serving the majority of the hotels in Israel while providing an advanced technological solution, 24/7 support and low computing costs.

A combination of business models suited for all single and chain hotels, offering you the best package to meet its needs.

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