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Consulting Services on Revenue Management by Hoteliers

Hoteliers consulting services on revenue management
The secret is to manage revenues in a yielding and profitable manner.

Our revenue consultants aim to provide a clear and accurate response, to advise, explain and simplify the complex and broad world of revenue management.

Our revenue consultants operate on three basic assumptions regarding revenue management in the hospitality industry:

  1. Product/service sales must yield a profit.
  2. A product or service that does not yield a profit has no reason to exist.
  3. If we sell a product/service and are unable to generate profit, it must be differentiated, changed or even discontinued.

The Hoteliers revenue management consulting package includes the following elements for your success:

We will begin the consulting process with an introductory meeting in order to understand your needs and to specify and map the joint consulting process. We will then set out on a customized journey. We specialize in the following:

  • Devising a year-round price strategy and ADR strategy.
  • Devising a main price list with price levels for flexible revenue management and secondary price lists.
  • Mapping the relevant market segments that can yield revenues and defining a proper mix between individuals, groups and tenders.
  • Reviewing and pricing all hotel products, including upsales and special services, properly pricing all room additions and providing additional hospitality plans for adults and children.
  • Considering and establishing special offers throughout the year and linking them to the home page, local and international agents.
  • Devising the cancellation policy strategy for regular season, high season, holidays and posting it online.
  • Connecting agents to the online agent interface.
  • Inventory management – Creating room allocations for the home page, local and international agents, devising an overbooking strategy.

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