Auditing Services

Consulting Services on Hotel Audits by Hoteliers

Hotel auditing is among the leading factor of hotel success.

A good and reliable audit will demonstrate a full congruence between management decisions and their execution by various employees.

Auditing addresses many issues: The importance of real time audits, correcting errors, discovering intentional inconsistencies derived of employee activities, verifying pricing, verifying payments, devising and executing working procedures and more…

Our services are provided by hotel auditing consultants with a thorough understanding and extensive know-how and experience spanning decades in the field.

We operate on two auditing levels: Financial auditing and operational auditing

For further details and to customize an audit plan for you, contact us:

  • Financial and Operational Hotel Auditing – Outsourcing: Complete/Work Hour/Scheduled meetings
  • Complete organizational/system accompaniment and consulting toward hotel establishment and opening.
  • Specific PMS consulting and accompaniment – PMS system specifications toward achieving hotel objectives

Customized financial auditing tailored to customer needs:

    • A revenue audit includes: Reservations, pricing, system accounting transactions, invoices and reconciliation with bookkeeping.

Operational audit tailored to customer needs:

  • On-site visits to monitor proper departmental performance.
  • Preparing departmental working procedures and reorganizing internal work processes, arranging departmental work processes.
  • Support services for hotel auditing factors.
  • Financial inspections for fraud detection.

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