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A true revolution in improving the guest experience from WishBox

Hoteliers is proud to introduce the revolutionary innovation in guest experience and journey – the WishBox application:

  • Shorter timetables.
  • Revenue growth.
  • Increased brand awareness.

WishBox interfaces directly with the systems utilized by the hotel: A PMS management system, various external sales channels, the home page and more…

WishBox’s direct interface enables contact and engagement points with your guests throughout their entire journey, starting with the reservation.

Guest journey contact points include:

  • Electronic transmission of a designed and branded reservation confirmation. Guests will receive the confirmation from you, regardless of the electronic platform used to place the reservation.
  • Check In Online wizard – The WishBox application offers a wizard for filling in important and essential details, thus significantly reducing check-in times and, of course, improving the guest experience.
  • Access to a branded guest app, with no download required, where you can enhance your guests’ experience by: Compiling all of the important information for your guests during their stay, enabling chats to provide immediate answers to questions, concentrating all attraction suggestions in one place, and more…
  • WishBox’s upsales provide your guests the opportunity to enhance their experience by pre-ordering additional services: Room upgrades, VIP airport services, various gifts, and more…

Routier for enabling seamless, rapid and real time communications with guests

At Hoteliers, we believe that innovative guest experience technologies are integral to hotel progress. As such, we have chosen Routier to be our main platform in this regard.


Routier enables seamless, rapid and real time communications with guests, in their native language and using their personal devices, requiring no downloads or dedicated software.


Furthermore, Routier provides departmental and interdepartmental communications and task management solutions at the hotel, thus contributing to the essential technological upgrade in guest services.


Through smart technological task management, hotels will be able to conduct a more meticulous evaluation of department performance, conduct precise analyses and apply the results toward making more appropriate decisions, eventually aiming to increase hotel profits and reduce expenses.


Today, in the aftermath of Corona and considering its impact on the hospitality industry, it is important to utilize remote communication technologies to provide an immediate response, as if the guest is standing before us at the counter. Routier provides the perfect solution, creating a balance between social distancing requirements and rapid, tailored and accessible communications with all hotel guests.


Routier and Hoteliers consider guest satisfaction above all else, realizing that satisfied guests are essential to increasing hotel profits.


It’s time to take your guests’ experience a few steps higher.


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